Last month we had part 1 and a few of you pointed out some more words which are easily confused, so thanks a mil for your input! I also learnt a big lesson that week as I had a few errors in my document J Hope you find these useful!

  • To vs Too
•I am driving from Johannesburg to Nelspruit
•I  want to go home
•I bought shoes, and a handbag too!
•This is causing too much confusion
  • Your vs You’re
•Mind your manners when you are at your mother’s house🙂
•The cubicle on the right is all yours
•Unfortunately, you’re not the right candidate for this position
•Let me know when you’re going home
  • Quite vs Quiet
•That was quite the storm last night
•It was quite a pleasant drive to work this morning, there was hardly any traffic

•When the kids are out, the house is really quiet
•I sat quietly at my desk all day while working on processes

  • Edition vs Addition
•This is the final edition of PGW before I go on maternity leave
•The new Jeep is a limited edition
•Johnny is struggling with addition and subtraction in school
•We are getting a new addition to our family next month
  • Where vs Wear
Where did I put that book I was reading?
•Do you remember where I am supposed to turn to get onto the highway?
•What will you be wearing tonight?
•You need to wear a helmet whenever you are travelling on a bike
  • Know vs Now
•I need those reports on my desk right now
•I decided not to leave now, but rather at 2pm
•Do you know where I parked my car?
•I know I said I will call you, but I have been in meetings all day and didn’t get the chance


2 years ago I was part of a leadership forum here at work. We would team up and work on a presentation with at least 1 other person and present your findings to the group, based on topics we decided on up front. My partner for the final presentation was Ashton David and we worked on culminating all the top pointers from the previous sessions we had and put it into some bullet points as a reminder of how to stay on top of your game. I wanted to share this with you today as I currently find myself in a position where I keep asking “how do I make sure I don’t get stuck in a rut”… Hope you find it as useful as we did

  • You are your own success
  • When in doubt, seek advice from someone you trust
  • When dealing with conflict, ask yourself: Is it personal? Is it permanent? Does it matter in the bigger picture?
  • Know what you want so you can set a plan into motion to achieve it
  • Always be accountable for your actions
  • Not everyone understands the same way. Learn how to explain things differently to different people so you are all on the same page
  • Listen, think and THEN only react
  • Take ownership of your work (in other words, step up!)
  • Not everything is about you so be mature about it
  • Always act fairly and consistently
  • Don’t let your perceptions rule you. It keeps you from seeing the truth
  • Move forward by getting over it
  • Learn from your mistakes and then swiftly move on
  • Acknowledge your emotions so they can’t control you
  • Use criticism positively

I am a sucker for spelling and grammar. Although my eye always catches a word which is spelled incorrectly or even one which is out of place, I know I too, make the same mistakes at times. I have a list of 4 of the most common mistakes I have spotted over the last 3 weeks and wanted to share these with you, maybe you too fall victim to their misuse🙂

  • Then vs Than
– I am going to Woolies and then to the petrol station…
– Back then, I really had no style sense at all…
– I would rather be at home than stuck in traffic…
– A brick is heavier than a feather…
Peter jumped higher than Paul…
  • Send vs Sent
– Please send my next appointment in…
– Please don’t forget to send me a message when you get home safely…
– I sent my phone in for repairs…
– My doctor sent me a reminder for my appointment next week…
  • Safe vs Save
– There was such a bad storm on the way home, luckily my family and I are safe
– I always keep my passport locked away in the safe so it doesn’t get lost around the house…

–  I was typing a document and forgot to save it, then my computer crashed!…
– My meeting finished early so I got to save a lot of time in traffic as I left earlier than anticipated…

  • Advice vs Advise
– I may only offer financial advice if I am accredited to do so…
– I asked my friend for her advice on what to wear to the year-end function…
– It’s been said that everyone has advice to offer when you are pregnant…
– Please advise me once you have processed my query…
– The doctor’s receptionist called to advise that my appointment needs to be moved to the afternoon…

The beginning of the year is often the easiest time to be motivated, just like getting back into your gym routine on a Monday, starting a diet on a Monday? So, with the beginning of the year swiftly having swooshed past us, the problem now is keeping that motivation going… Let’s see what I found out this week…

  • Avoid energy sappers
Negative people, braggers, those who can never be satisfied… Steer clear of these type of people, they will drain you of your all important energy and enthusiasm which will, in turn, sap your motivation
  • Celebrate your success
This will help you keep going, just like that pat on your back from your boss… but this time, it comes from you…
  • See perfection as a fallacy
Don’t constantly work towards perfection. Coming from a perfectionist, let me tell you it is exhausting! Nothing is ever good enough for yourself… learn to stop when you have done a great job. Perfection can also sap your energy and motivation
  • Ignore the unimportant
This is SO important. You may have a lot of unimportant tasks to do, if you focus on these, you will be too drained to complete your urgent and important tasks. Learn to keep your unimportant tasks where they belong… at the bottom of the list…
  • Exercise
When your body’s energy is back in line, your internal energy will take a huge jump too. If you aren’t a gym rat, take the dogs for a walk, go shopping in an open shopping centre where you can get some fresh air…
  • Pick out positive people
These people will help boost your energy and motivation, instead of draining you like those energy sappers you are going to start avoiding
Hope you find this as useful as I did!

Relationship Building

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

We all need relationships, it’s some kind of human need. But, in the business world it is almost more important than being able to do your job (in some instance more important as your job may be to get things done through other people). Whether you have issues with broken relationships at work or are looking for ways to improve the relationships you have which are working fine, I am sure these tips will help you…

  • We all have weaknesses, be tolerant of your and others’ weaknesses
  • Be kind – to yourself and others
  • Be mindful of your non-verbal communication. What you project internally is what others will sense. Do you project hatred and impatience? Maybe that’s why others don’t respond well to you
  • Admit when you are wrong, others will appreciate it
  • Be honest , fair and respectful to others
  • Compliment others on a job well done
  • Keep your pride/ego in your back pocket. That way you can sit on it  so you can’t reach it to wave it around in everyone’s faces
  • Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated. Do you want others pointing out your every fault all the time? No? So don’t do it to others…
  • Try to see the other side of the story. There are actually 3 sides to every story: Your side, my side and the truth…
  • You cannot solve every problem, sometimes you need to accept the things that you cannot change
  • Practice good listening skills. If you think someone is stupid, you will filter everything they say and only pick out that which supports your stupid theory. Good listening skills involves putting your differences aside and listening OBJECTIVELY
  • Be open to feedback and give others feedback too. You cannot expect others to accept feedback if you cannot handle feedback in return. Don’t dish it if you cant take it…

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