Staying Motivated at Work

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Personal Development
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The beginning of the year is often the easiest time to be motivated, just like getting back into your gym routine on a Monday, starting a diet on a Monday? So, with the beginning of the year swiftly having swooshed past us, the problem now is keeping that motivation going… Let’s see what I found out this week…

  • Avoid energy sappers
Negative people, braggers, those who can never be satisfied… Steer clear of these type of people, they will drain you of your all important energy and enthusiasm which will, in turn, sap your motivation
  • Celebrate your success
This will help you keep going, just like that pat on your back from your boss… but this time, it comes from you…
  • See perfection as a fallacy
Don’t constantly work towards perfection. Coming from a perfectionist, let me tell you it is exhausting! Nothing is ever good enough for yourself… learn to stop when you have done a great job. Perfection can also sap your energy and motivation
  • Ignore the unimportant
This is SO important. You may have a lot of unimportant tasks to do, if you focus on these, you will be too drained to complete your urgent and important tasks. Learn to keep your unimportant tasks where they belong… at the bottom of the list…
  • Exercise
When your body’s energy is back in line, your internal energy will take a huge jump too. If you aren’t a gym rat, take the dogs for a walk, go shopping in an open shopping centre where you can get some fresh air…
  • Pick out positive people
These people will help boost your energy and motivation, instead of draining you like those energy sappers you are going to start avoiding
Hope you find this as useful as I did!

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